Thermal Foot Warmer Price 2000 Free Delivery

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The  Thermal Foot Warmer are uniquely constructed plush cable knit and soft fleece lining that serves as a heat insulator to provide ultimate warmth and comfort to cold feet. These are made moisture repellent and with non-slip silicone-grips to ensure safety from odor and slippery floors. And with the universal size available, this is good for almost everyone in the family!


  • Ultra Warm Materials:
    Keep you warm in winter by dual layer design, ultra-soft fleece keep the warm air inside the cotton.
  • No Battery Required:
    Ultra plush knit act as an insulator that keeps your feet warm even on the coldest floors.
  • Boost Blood Circulation:
    Convert body moisture into heat, and help to boost body blood circulation when wearing them to walk.
  • Moisture Repellent:
    The materials control moisture and prevent odor.
  • Non-slip Silicone Grips:
    The silicone grips keep you safe from slips and falls on slippery floors.
  • Universal Size:
    Unisex style, fits all feet sizes up to size 14 so this is good for almost everyone in the family.
  • Machine Washable:
    They can be hand washed or machine washed and reused hundreds of times.
    • Material: 50% Polyester, 40% Nylon, 10% Spandex
    • Dimensions: 18cm x 0.8cm x 4.7cm
    • Pattern: Twist Pattern Design
    • Size: Free Size (fits feet up to size 14)
    • Color: Grey

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